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Janice Friedman Trio Triptych: A Trio of Trios


Janika Musik 1999/Formats CD & Digital

About “Triptych”

I have set my home up to be a studio ever since I moved to NYC, having bought a drum set before I even had a bed.  Doing “jam sessions” has always been a joy. I have my friends over, we play, we eat, we laugh. These three wonderful sessions were caught on tape and released on this CD.

Recorded March 8, 12 & April 2, 1999 at the home of Janice Friedman

Original composition published by Janika Musik/ASCAP (Track 2)

Janice Friedman: Piano and Arrangements
Steve Watson: Bass & Renaud Penant: Drums (tracks 1,3,10)
Leo Huppert: Bass & Stefan Schatz: Drums (tracks 5,6,7,8)
Steve Watson: Bass & Mark McLean: Drums

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