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Janice Friedman Trio: Swingin' for the Ride

swingin for the ride.jpeg

Janika Musik 2006/Formats CD & Digital

About “Swingin' for the Ride”

This has to be one of the happiest CDs you will listen to, with a pretty equal split of well-known tunes and originals. The only CD in Janice’s collection that has a vocal on each tune, Swingin’ for the Ride is a love story. Put it on when you’re travelin’ or just want to feel good.

Recorded August 28, 2006, at Masuo's Studio, NYC

Original composition published by Janika Musik/ASCAP

Janice Friedman:   Piano   Vocals*  Arrangements 

Sean Conly: Bass | Diego Voglino: Drums

Daniel Sandownick: Special Guest on Percussion

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