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A whimsical animated musical for all ages where original music born of all different influences crystalizes into a super fun imaginative story.

How Can You Help?

Salt Suite is my most important personal expression.  It is a huge project.  The music needs to be recorded.  The pieces need to be animated.  It all needs to be put together.  Then, of course, the website and marketing needs action.  If you are interested in any part of that or if you have the means to donate to the cause, please see our donation opportunities.
How did Salt Suite come about?
These are tunes that have been composed over many decades often with lyrics following many years later. 
“Toss a wee bit, for luck,
left over the shoulder.”
The Story?
Imagine Wizard of Oz meets Alice In Wonderland and it all starts in a Manhattan apartment with a huge traffic stopping snow storm.
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